Dan Wolff

Programmer in love with C#, Javascript and SQL

Words – about the web and philosophy

Play Charades

Javascript, PHP

A word generator for charades, for both English and Swedish. Includes multiple categories, even print-outs.

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Base Convert

Javascript, PHP

An online tool for converting between bases - binary, hexadecimal, even roman numerals! With a GUI that both works great on mobile, and gets out of the way to just let you do those calculations, for a university course, programming or even for fun.

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Vegan E numbers


Stuck in the store, trying to figure out whether an E number is vegan? Use this tool to quickly check.

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Sound Sculptor

Android, Java

Group project. The cell phone as a musical instrument for everybody. Demonstrating a prototype of Sound Sculptor, an Android app, which makes it easy for everybody to take part in creating music.

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Simple CMS

PHP, MySQL, Javascript

A small CMS, but enough to power simple sites. Used on Vindafrid by a dance leader who can show her work and upcoming courses, and on Espanol.se by a teacher who needs to organize his courses and tell his pupils what's on the schedule.

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Minimalistic gallery showing not the polished facades, but the true Sweden. You might believe that Sweden is a modern and clean country, but detsannasverige will show you a different story.

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A/B testing framework

Javascript, Graylog2 and Elastic Search, PHP

A/B testing is a method where you automatically evaluate two or more designs to decide which one is better, rated by some metric, for instance conversion rate. I developed this framework as part of my master's thesis for Desmo.

UglifyJS web interface


This is a simple web interface for the UglifyJS minifier. UglifyJS is an excellent tool for minifying Javascript, tried and tested and used by libraries such as jQuery. Visit websiteSource

Stateless authentication


It is a small PHP library to authenticate a user in a certain context. For instance, it can be used to prevent XSRF attacks or as a login cookie. Source

Other websites


Simple websites should use a CMS hosted by a company with proper support. Example: Antin luontoelämykset (of Antti Kamppila)